Paul Kessel

A Family Tale
Learn to fly as a bat, and wander at your own pace
Become a fly, and fly!
Rain has come again, step into the world of paper golems and help them save their town
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Use the shadows of your hand to form constellations
A DoomII Map
Tads. is a versus fighting game where you play tadpoles fighting for Survival
Feed a weird and insatiable creature
Find mushrooms to make the best risotto
Morels taking over the world
Walk your way out of a mysterious desert
A Coin Clicker Gashapon
Discover a place that changes when you don't move
Learn to use 9 cameras in a mysterious spaceship
Play as a stomped cockroach
a video game about the relationship between a house and its inhabitants
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A game about a witch hunt
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A mute rythm game, about weird stars and esoteric glyphs
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A minimalist kite game
Interactive Fiction
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To live, to laugh and to die with an Artificial Intelligence
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○A game about going to the moon•
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A game about loneliness