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Friendships is a game playable only with an alternative controller. 
You have to pull two strings to move, wich feels a bit like flying a kite.


Some colored shapes·bubbles·people·character·people·entities·friends·things·enemies·flowers·stars will appear.

If you move·drift·float·glide·pilot·fly·swim·walk·run·sail near them, they'll grow·develop·flourish·expand·increase·amplify·mature·extand·stretch. If you touch·attack·destroy·hurt their center·core·heart, they'll explode·die·disappear·run away.

Some people try to grow some flowers, other try to kill every enemies, some are just drifting endlessly in this space, other try to be the best. 

Once the game is setup, it is never restarted until the end of the exhibit·event·exam

You are playing after someone, and someone else will play after you, on the same file. It is up to you how you decide to play, and what legacy you will leave after leaving the game.

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