Made in 48h for the Game maker's Toolkit Game Jam


MukHos is a mute rythm game. The goal is to make the constellations turn fast enought as to fill the glyphs in the middle of the screen. You've got 5 keys, that you can use to interact with the stars. There is no time limit or whatosever, the point is just to travel as far as you can, at your own rythm.

(I recommend playing in fullscreen mode, that you can enter by pressing the button on the bottom right corner)

To start, just hold for a few seconds the five buttons that feels the most handy for you.


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You should also submit this to Music Game Jam!

Thanks for the link! But im not sure it's really appropriate, since the game doesn't features any sound or music.. the point was to create rythm that depends on the player's input (the more you activate a group of stars the faster it moves and the quicker you have to activate it), wich doesn't fits with any kind of music (it would be awkward if there was any kind of audio feedback on that).
Thanks a lot for the proposition though, i didn't knew that jam and I might do it in the future!!