A downloadable weird game for Windows and macOS

Made during the A Game By Its Cover gamejam. This game was made based on this famicase made by Sean S. LeBlanc in the 2019 Famicase Exhibition.

Play with a keyboard or with a controller. Use WASD, ZQSD, the arrow keys or the left stick of your controller to move and fly around, and use the mouse or the right stick to move the camera.

When you wait on the ground, your surrounding will change based on the constellations you can see in the sky and in the altar in the center of the map. 

Wait for an interesting building to appear, then explore it and use it to fly around.

The initial idea of the game was from Charlotte and I. I would also thanks CamilleOJ and Ysaline for their playtests and advices.

You can listen to Debussy's Clair de lune piano suite during the game. I bought the right to use the recording from Carlos Carty using Jamendo Licensing.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorPaul Kessel
TagsExploration, Music, Space, Walking simulator


Windows.zip 63 MB
Mac.zip 82 MB

Install instructions

Download the file depending on your operating system, unzip the file.
On MacOS hold CTRL and left click on the app to open it directly, on Windows look for the .EXE file and play it.


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Tip for confused players: Don’t quit on this game if you run around and the music stops. Resist hitting any keys at first! Mouselook around, listen to the music, and observe what happens like Eckhart Tolle’s cat waits motionless for a mouse to emerge from its hole. Only when you see a structure rise, move and wait for its peak, then climb to the top and fall off to another buildingtop. If you pause and see pink swirls around you, that means you’re in a musical hotspot where the constellations are moving, meaning a structure will shift soon. If not, then you’re on a structure.

To dev: What a surreal, beautiful world of audiovisual art you’ve created… which for a change in games rewards patience and mindful, contemplative waiting for the right moment. Rush and be penalized with making your climbs on structures more difficult than it needs to be — a parable for life of sorts. Everything — from the music, to the architecture, to the color palette, to what I like to believe is a grandma-witch who’s astrally travelled into her own piano — is a sublime and perfect experience. It reminds me of Alan Watts’ speech about the space in the silence between sound that makes music enjoyable. Too bad I got dizzy because of some flickering bug in the rendering on my Mac, despite trying multiple quality/resolution settings. Overall, thank you!


Oh wow, thank you so much for your feedback!!!

I'm really glad you were able to connect with the game in such a profound way, your comment means a lot to me!

Yes, I don't know why but on some mac computers there is a flickering problem with some of the objects of the game :(

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Totally enjoyed this, its fun to play and discover. I included it in a video I made for AGBIC 2019, I hope you don't mind!

Thanks for the video, glad you liked the experience !