A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Follow a bat in its journey, and visit a complex underground environnement.

Move with the left stick, or with WASD

And fly with the triggers, or with the left and right mouse buttons

The dots that appear at the bottom of the screen when you lift off indicates how many wings strokes the bat will be able to do before needing to rest

The little half circle jumping from dot to dot indicates wich wing to stroke next if you want to get a velocity bonus

The gauges at the right and left corner fill up when you hold down a wing button. If you release this button when the gauge is at its maximum, you'll go farther

It takes practice, but with time you'll be able to pull off some nice moves!

At any moment, navigate the pause menu with the wings buttons to keep track of your progression

Trogloxène was made by

Paul Kessel: Game Design, Programming, UI Design & Procedural Animations

Dorian Fillâtre: Game Art &  Tech Art

Grégoire Monesma: Sound Design

This game will be updated. A very short playtest form is available here, it would help us a lot if you could fill it out, after playing this version the game!


Trogloxène Windows.zip 265 MB
Trogloxène Linux.zip 280 MB
Trogloxène Mac OS.zip 275 MB


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Getting used to and learning the mechanics was a little frustrating, but over all its a very cute game! One thing that is pretty frustrating though is if your just slighly off level, like a foot on a rock, too close to a wall, or uneven on an incline, it doesn't allow you to flap and you just do a little hop. Found this very frustrating while going for the orange dot especially.

Overall I enjoyed it and if I had proabably read the controls here on the page, would have had a better time lol. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


Thank you for testing ! 

It's true that we start the game without any guidance but the itch.io page can sometimes help with the controls. Creating the environment was difficult ( very organic shapes, lots of curves ) and sometimes doesn't work perfectly with the way the character moves. 

This is still only a first version made in three months in autonomy, it has adjustments to make, and soon some visual additions ( VFX environment, furniture ... ) !


Awesome !!