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Getting used to and learning the mechanics was a little frustrating, but over all its a very cute game! One thing that is pretty frustrating though is if your just slighly off level, like a foot on a rock, too close to a wall, or uneven on an incline, it doesn't allow you to flap and you just do a little hop. Found this very frustrating while going for the orange dot especially.

Overall I enjoyed it and if I had proabably read the controls here on the page, would have had a better time lol. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


Thank you for testing ! 

It's true that we start the game without any guidance but the page can sometimes help with the controls. Creating the environment was difficult ( very organic shapes, lots of curves ) and sometimes doesn't work perfectly with the way the character moves. 

This is still only a first version made in three months in autonomy, it has adjustments to make, and soon some visual additions ( VFX environment, furniture ... ) !


Awesome !!